Luxury Watch Review: Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook

As a little Australian production, the chance to get in for survey the Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook was something we just couldn’t pass up.  Here we go!


A little history exercise for the uninitiated/abroad perusers, Captain James Cook was a British wayfarer/pilot and is said to be the primary recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia.  Rado first discharged a Captain Cook back in the 60s and the model we have in today is the cutting edge refresh which is as near as a like-for-like reissue as you’ll get.


The dial comes in what I’m depicting as an olive dark colored, yet has likewise been recorded as various dim variants.  It’s no mean accomplishment to put a solitary shading to it, since the light sunbursting implies that the light-play is dynamic.  The doming of the dial has the impact of making the external edge of the dial darker than within, which I love.  It surely gives a vintage vibe however isn’t something pastiche or conspicuous.

Artificial patina-esque painted markers speak to hours, with trapezoids/thick triangles indicating the 12, 3, 6 and 9, and rectangular squares for the remainder.  Herein enjoys a condundrum for me.  I have a lot of thankfulness appeared for the regard to the first Captain Cook, which likewise had painted markers, however utilization of a sandwich application/connected markers could give more profundity and detail that would’ve been an incredible addition.  Although, I may ask excessively at this value point.

Luxury Watch Review: Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook

The hands are an expansive bolt variation, the wide bolt overwhelming the hour, a sword for the moment and a pike set out toward the second.  Lume is connected generously in the artificial patina tone for all and appears to sparkle more brilliantly for the hands than the markers.

Much the same as the doming gives levels and surfaces to the primary piece of the dial, the part ring is joined into the inclined rehaut. The refraction and interchange with the domed precious stone saw from above proceeds with the different edges and surfaces introduce underneath the gem.

The date is ever present in a straightforward, yet all around actualized date window at 3.  True to the first is red textual style for the date, which is a decent touch.

Luxury Watch Review: Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook

Marking is a straightforward undertaking, with simply the Rado logo and text style over the focal point of the dial and “Skipper Cook” and “SWISS MADE” underneath the dial.  The red of the Rado logo coordinates pleasantly with the date shading and the swinging grapple contained in the logo isn’t something frequently saw, yet a fun expansion.


The steel case keeps running in at a shy 37mm (distance across) x 43mm (carry to haul) x 11mm (tall) measurement set.  The Captain Cook go likewise comes in different variations, including a 45mm alternative, however we’ll stick to what we have here today.

The case is completely cleaned and separated into three sections –   bezel, midcase and caseback. The lines are sharp and the case gave out the view of being study and very much developed.

A 120 snap coin-edge gives the grasp to the lustrous dark clay bezel which was both agreeable and simple to grip.  There was a little backplay and squirm on the bezel, yet nothing to be excessively stressed about.  There’s over a 1mm bezel overhang over the midcase, which positively helpers in hold, however means that entrance to the crown (push-pull assortment) is entirely troublesome (perhaps I’m simply clumsy).  This won’t not be an issue for most (it is a programmed watch all things considered), yet it detracts from the odd-manual breeze session.

Luxury Watch Review: Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook

The bezel is separated by numerals for 15, 30 and 45 and a triangle at 60.  I was, notwithstanding, somewhat shocked not to see a lume pip at the focal point of the triangle.  The structure of the bezel is very captivating, dunking in towards the focal point of the dial like a major dish.  For me it includes extra measurement and visual unpredictability to the dial, and I have a sneaking doubt that it assists with light reflection and review edges.

The straight carries are long-ish, however their length is emphasizd by their beginning further into the midcase on the external side.  They are both streaming by reason of the decent association with the midcase, yet striking in their size, together making a pleasant nearness on the wrist.

Luxury Watch Review: Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook

Altogether, the 37mm case wore well on my wrist, and had no issues with sleeves and the like.  It never felt too little or like it was deficient in nearness, and had all the standard advantages of littler watches – comfort, firm outline and so on. As a matter of fact, this is originating from somebody that cheerfully wears 35mm bauhaus enlivened watches, yet I’d urge planned purchasers to perceive how the Captain Cook feels on the wrist before making a judgment on specs alone.


In a first for us, the Rado was equipped with the ETA C07.611, which is a refreshed ETA 2824, now boasting 80 hours control save, however a 3Hz beat rate.

The individuals who are very specific about their developments/value esteems (I’m paying WHAT for a miyota and so on and so forth) will know that this development is also available in other lower estimated watches, similar to the Tissot Powermatic.  If getting the best bore at the cost is your go, at that point there are other ETA possessed brands and watches which can better serve that purpose.  Otherwise, the development performed honorably, however I am utilized to a cleaner clear.


The strap is a vintage roused number with an obvious through join at the lugs.  I think a ton of buyers in this value section (AUD $2475) search for a steel wrist trinket to associate in the usefulness and toughness of the piece and a three piece clam arm ornament variation is accessible for a $150 premium.  However, I found the tie blend ideal remembering that I utilized it principally as a work area diver.  For more rough and athletic interests, a shoddy nato lash could play out any of the wrist trinket works outstandingly.

Luxury Watch Review: Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook

While the visuals and reasonableness of the lash extremely evoked genuine emotion with me, it was somewhat thick and cumbersome (for my inclination) and by and by I’d search somewhere else for a speedy, shoddy and simple overhaul.

What struck me most about this watch was that Rado has an extremely strong comprehension of what numerous cutting edge buyers are after.  At for all intents and purposes each value point exchange offs should be made, however I can’t see anybody really in the market for the Captain Cook really being influenced by a lower than normal water obstruction (100m) and the bargains in the development (control hold organized over beat rate).  If purchasers can move past the 37mm size, they’ll wind up with a well assembled, properly spec’ed watch with a considerable measure of character.

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