LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking

It is 2012, and in the wake of being engaged with the watch business for more than 22 years, Sholom Chazanow (otherwise known as, Chaz) chooses to take his vocation toward another path. He needs to join his affection for horology and his enthusiasm for the extremes throughout everyday life, and give to the shopper a reasonable bundle that catches his drive completely. Liv Swiss Watches was conceived.

LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking

Quick forward a couple of years after the fact, and in 2014 the GX1 Swiss Quartz Chronograph was propelled on Kickstarter, and inside the initial 11 long periods of its discharge it was completely subsidized and it had recorded the most benefactors for a Swiss watch venture on the crowdfunding effort to date at the time.

LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking

After the achievement of the GX1 Swiss Quartz Chronograph, Chaz chose he needed to make promptly accessible to his regularly developing group of onlookers a programmed timepiece that was still with regards to the ideals he had construct LIV Swiss Watches in light of. Along these lines, in 2016, LIV Swiss Watches propelled their second piece on Kickstarter, the GX1-A Swiss Automatic. This was gotten with much eagerness and praise, with financing for the GX1-A Swiss Automatic surpassing more than 1.1 million dollars, crushing their underlying objective of $40,000.

LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking

This energy drove Chaz and LIV Swiss Watches to dispatch yet another crowdfunding-based timepiece, this time suitably named the Rebel, in 2017. This too was met with an unbelievable measure of accomplishment, and its underlying objective of $30,000 was effectively outperformed, with a promise objective surpassing the 1.7 million dollar stamp, one of the most noteworthy crowdfunded Swiss watch extends ever.

LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking

Furthermore, multi year later, Chaz and his group and LIV Swiss Watches have chosen to discharge a fourth Kickstarter crusade, this time named “The Breakthrough”. This battle will see 4 shiny new timepieces be discharged from LIV Swiss Watches specifically to the general population. The capacity for LIV Swiss Watches to construct coordinate associations with their clients has given them the edge, empowering them to make an item that is especially tuned in to the needs and the requirements of their group of onlookers. LIV Swiss Watches have named their battle “The Breakthrough” since they expect to take their organization to an unheard of level, consolidating reckless outlines with sound mechanics, at the same time keeping costs as low as could be expected under the circumstances. What does that mean for you and me? Quality watchmaking that won’t consume a gap in your pocket. How about we investigate a portion of the contributions, and in case you’re keen on any of the pieces take after this connect to discover more.

GX P51 Swiss Auto Chronograph Pilot’s Watch - LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking

GX P51 Swiss Auto Chronograph Pilot’s Watch


Devoted to the P-51 Mustang military aircraft that administered the skies amid WWII, the P51 Swiss Auto Chronograph is an essentially outlined timepiece accessible with either a titanium or a tempered steel case, both with a fired bezel and both highlighting a sapphire precious stone at the front and at the back of the piece. The P51 Swiss Auto Chronograph is fueled by the Sellita SW 500, a programmed bore including every one of the treats we’ve turned out to be acclimated with finding in a strong ordinary piece: the passing hours, minutes and seconds; multi day-date marker; and in addition a 12-hour and 30-minute chronograph. The titanium form is accessible for $1190USD, while the hardened steel variation costs $990USD. Get in before the majority and you’ll meet all requirements for some prompt riser evaluating, with the titanium variant going for $1170USD, while the treated steel adaptation will be accessible for $970USD. The two models are made in a restricted kept running of just 500-pieces, so get in brisk on the off chance that you need to get your hands on it.


GX Swiss Auto Chronograph - LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking

GX Swiss Auto Chronograph

This piece is propelled by LIV Swiss Watches’ unique Kickstarter piece. That one was controlled by a Quartz development, and keeping in mind that it claimed significantly to the majority, a considerable measure of its fans needed precisely the same yet rather with a programmed development. Ask, and you will get! LIV Swiss Watches again exhibits their immediate association with their fans. They tuned in to their fans’ needs, and coordinated the programmed Sellita SW 500 into the piece. The GX Swiss Auto Chronograph is constrained to just 1,000 pieces, with a timely riser cost of $770USD, and standard retail estimating at $790USD.

GX Diver’s Swiss Automatic - LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking

GX Diver’s Swiss Automatic

LIV Swiss Watches have discharged an exceptionally unique timepiece to commend their fourth Kickstarter battle, and the GX Diver’s Swiss Automatic is most likely my top choice. With a profundity rating of 300m, GX Diver’s Swiss Automatic closely resembles a conventional jumper’s piece, yet one that costs a large number of dollars. It includes an earthenware turning bezel, a three-dimensional multi-layered sandwich dial and an ETA 2824 programmed Swiss development, a prime workhorse of a gauge and one that truly raises the piece’s horological oomph. Certainly my most loved piece out of the group. It too is made in a constrained kept running of 1,000 pieces, with a timely riser cost of $470USD, and standard retail evaluating of $490USD

LIV Swiss Watches: The Budget-Friendly Modern Watchmaking GX Alarm

GX Alarm

The main piece here fueled by a Quartz-based bore (RONDA 4120.B development), the GX Alarm is in any case a genuinely cool watch. It includes a bolted bezel outline, a sandwich dial and obviously a caution work (noteworthy by the huge orange pusher at 4 o’clock). It’s a major piece with a great deal of essence, yet at the same time introduces itself in an exceptionally refined and limited way. Super cool. The GX Alarm is constrained to 1,000 pieces, and has a brisk riser cost of $270USD, while the full retail cost of the GX Alarm is $290USD.

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