Archimede Pilot Chronograph Trikompax


They say, great things come in threes. To follow the rules and conform society (for once), today we have in for analysis the recently released Archimede Pilot Chronograph Trikompax. We’re (happily) recognizable with this familiar line from Archimede.  We were very taken with the original Pilot Chrono the first time around, so the Trikompax has a lot to live up to.  Let’s jump into it.


What’s new – Dial

The principal purpose of contrast with the new model is the dial layout.  The Pilot Chrono keeps running with the 12, 6 and 9 enlist design, with the Archimede marking sitting alongside the 3 o’clock marker.

The Trikompax incorporates another module to move the subdials to the 3, 6 and 9 enroll design with the Archimede marking at 12.  Written down, that doesn’t seem like a major ordeal, however for this situation, a photo speaks a thousand words.

What you can see is that the adjust of the dial is moved from the left to the bottom.  While it’s every one of the an individual inclination, the present design appears to give more space to the Archimede marking at 12 and makes a more open feel to the dial.  The reshuffle has likewise permitted each of the subdials to be same size, though the first Pilot Chrono had a littler running seconds at 9.  While the littler subdial didn’t trouble me at the time, I do have an inclination for the refreshed game plan.

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The first Pilot Chrono included Arabic numerals for every hour, with the exception of the subdial at 6, while the Tricompax expels the 3 and 9 numerals and somewhat slices through the 10 numeral. The reshuffle has likewise implied that the AUTOMATIC marking has been expelled from the dial.  While that marking absolutely wasn’t excessively prominent, I’m generally a fanatic of moving more towards less complex dials with less content.

Something that could without much of a stretch have gone under the radar is the change from dark lacquered hands to blued steel hands. The move pulls the hands advance from the dial and as usual, makes a fascinating play with the light. Another pleasant touch is that the middle wheels of the subdials have been blued/painted to a similar shade of the hands.

At long last, the new layout also gives an intriguing purpose of separation for the Trikompax.  While the stock Valjoux 7750 provides the typical enroll format that is used over various brands and varying pricepoints, the new design truly diminishes the immediate contenders to the Trikompax (if you are in the market for the 3, 6, 9 format at a comparative pricepoint).


What’s new – Movement

While obviously being no movement expert, I know that upgrading between the elabore (in the Pilot Chrono) and top (in the Trikompax) 7750 movements:

  • increases jewels from 17 to 21;
  • means the movement is adjusted in 2 more positions;
  • has a better daily rate +/- 4 vs +/- 7 seconds (etc etc).

Cut to the point, the movement is superior with upgraded features. Though i’ve had no issues with my elabore 7750 watches (nor with the original Pilot Chrono), the upgrade cannot be a bad thing.

What my (untrained) eye can tell is a nicer finish visible through the sapphire caseback, with blued screws, better perlage on the flat surfaces and better application of brushing on the other surfaces.

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archimede Pilot Chronograph Trikompax

The cam-worked chronograph gives a reliable and fulfilling detent on the begin, stop and reset of the chronograph, and the development of the moment hand along that subdial hits the markers pleasantly.

Something that shocked me taking care of the watch was the delightful material feel of physically moving the date, which gave simply enough criticism to separate itself from the numerous other dated watches.

The Trikompax is said to have an updated rotor from the past iteration, but to my eye there is only a minor reshuffle of the situating of the marking and possibly a somewhat unique wrap up.

Archimede Pilot Chronograph Trikompax

We’ve stated previously that the tool watch aesthetic is fine finished by a undecorated steel caseback, but absolutely it does not harm to the aesthetic of a mechanical watch to show its beating heart.  It’s difficult to critique Archimede enriching the appeal of mechanical watches to non-WIS that like to see what’s inside that has (in no small part) caused a premium over quartz models.

General Experience

Indeed, I was enjoyably shocked by the vibe of the Trixompax on the wrist, which case is the same likewise with the Pilot Chrono.  The tallness comes in at approx. #, which to some can sound somewhat awkward, yet the 3 section development of the case breaks the visual lines of the case pleasantly and the stature is no greater than a few jumpers I consistently wear with single pass natos.

Archimede Pilot Chronograph Trikompax

The moderately thin bezels unquestionably give a considerable measure of dial land for a 42mm watch, which is somewhat of a difference in pace from somebody routinely wearing sub 40mm pieces.  However, the drag shape and bend go far to helping the watch sit comfortably on the wrist.  Purchasers have the alternative of various riveted pilot lashes and a 5 piece armlet from Archimede (the arm jewelery have an approx 100 euro premium).  The tie is thick yet supple and well constructed.  We pick the blue stitch, which pleasantly coordinates the blue accents on the dial.


Together, the updates to the Trikompax give it an alternate vibe and make it an unexpected recommendation in comparison to the Pilot Chrono.  Unsurprisingly thought, with these progressions come a not deficient cost increment to 2067 Euro (without VAT).  The offer here truly relies upon how you describe the watch.  Measured against the first Pilot Chrono, which is a fabulous incentive in itself, any forthcoming buyer would truly need to place stock in the feel of the new dial format or give some truly substantial accentuation on the upgraded 7750.

Then again, estimated outside the brand and against watches of comparable quality and feel, the Trikompax certainly is a convincing proposition.  Other German brands don’t generally have in their steady best grade 7750’s with the 3/6/9 format (with the exception potentially being the Sinn 903), and in Swiss domain, Baume et Mercier and Hamilton are moving in various directions.  Seiko customarily gives an alternate stylish and doesn’t have an enormous stable of flying motivated chronographs (in any event present day ones at that).

Archimede Pilot Chronograph Trikompax
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